SXSW Startup Accelerator

Ryan Allis demo'ing Connect app during SXSW Accelerator This is the 6th year of SXSW Accelerator. The event has seen a long list of startups over the years, including Sifteo, Hipmunk, Foodspooting, and Siri (yeah, the one acquired by the fruit company). Past startups raised more than $600 million in… Read more →

How to enable Google Now on Google Apps for Business

Google Now is finally available for iOS since earlier this week. But if you're using Google Apps for Business domain, you may have received an annoying "your administrator hasn't enabled Google Now for your domain". Fear not, the solution is easy. You just have to enable Google Now, within the… Read more →

TarenSK: Why Aaron died

Such a sad story. This still hurts. Last week, I awoke to find Aaron with me. He was sitting next to my bed, grinning his cheekiest grin, holding my hand. For a few minutes, I savored a sweet uncertainty: Were the last few weeks all a nightmare, and Aaron was… Read more →

Entering Single User Mode On A Synology

I hope this will be my last post about Synology for a while. After dealing for a few weeks with an unstable environment, then hacking a serial console to troubleshoot, then cracking the secret recovery telnet password just for fun, and finally solving the weird mistery of SSH not accepting… Read more →

Reverse Engineering Synology's OpenSSH

I hate when something perfectly reasonable and well understood doesn't happen as expected. How dare this piece of software not do what I'm telling it to do? I have a Synology DS212+ NAS. I'm a bash-lover, and have several scripts to automate my backups, so I wanted to set up… Read more →