You have to check out Patreon. Do it now. I'll wait.

It's such a simple and clever concept. It gets the best of Kickstarter, but eliminates the burden of creating a project.

Kickstarter works well for large and well defined projects - a game, a movie, a new gadget. But it doesn't work for small, frequent, content-based efforts. This includes the work done by musicians, writers, photographers, bloggers, youtubers, and artists in general.

Patreon was created by the talented duo Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, together with the serial entrepreneur Sam Yam.

This is not the first time that Jack and Nataly play with crowdfunding ideas. I backed Nataly's first solo album on Kickstarter years ago, and watched her performances live on StageIt. They also play together on the popular (but sadly infrequent) Pomplamoose.

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